Arcanium's Stable Diffusion API

Dive into the digital realm with Arcanium’s Stable Diffusion API, a tool shrouded in a touch of mystique and a whole lot of genius. This API is your magic wand to unravel stable diffusion, a spell you need to cast to elevate your digital endeavors. Whether you are a curious mind or a seasoned wizard in the digital domain, reach out to us or join our lively coven on Discord in the API channel to learn more.

Speed. Our Stable Diffusion API is fast with responses flying your way in less than 20 seconds. It’s packed with features - inpainting, LoRa’s, all our models, and upscaling abilities. Just like a potion being refined over time, our API too is under constant spellwork to improve and adapt to the latest digital alchemy.

Our API is available by contacting us via our Discord or Email ( We'll get in discussions about how you can get an API key and start testing with plans starting at only $29pm. Our API is limited by requests, but you can upgrade to get unlimited requests.