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Arcanium, AI Image Suite.

Arcanium springs from a deep-seated love for AI art generation, kindled with the first public unveiling of midjourney. Crafted by a dynamic duo with lofty ambitions and a roadmap sprawling with potential, we're on a mission to morph into your go-to online AI image generator and editor, empowering you to conjure up professional AI artworks. Our ever-expanding repertoire of curated SD models and LoRA's is a testament to our commitment, amping up the edit capabilities at your fingertips. With Arcanium, you're not just creating, you're exploring the uncharted terrains of AI-driven artistry!

🧑‍🎨️ Creator Scheme

We believe in fostering a supportive ecosystem for model creators, hence we earmark 20% of our profits from subscriptions to go back to the creators. This isn't a mere gesture, but a structured approach based on a usage policy. So, if your model accounts for 50% of the usage by our users, you'll pocket a neat 50% of the 20% profit share. And fret not, we reach out via email to seek your nod before featuring your model, and handle the financial appreciation either through a donation link or a private channel. It's our little way of saying thanks and fueling the creative engine!

🏁 Roadmap

Our roadmap isn’t shrouded in mystery, rather it’s an open book, often steered by the winds of user suggestions based on popularity. We have our ears to the ground, always keen for your input via our community discord. Got a suggestion? Toss it our way anytime, and we'll see if we can weave it into our tapestry of offerings. Your insights are the rudder guiding our journey into uncharted creative waters!